Question: Sri Chinmoy, what is your philosophy on sex?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on the individual. That is to say, if an individual is leading an animal life, then I will say, "Please come up to the human life." If the individual is in the human life, then I say, "Try to transcend sex and come to the divine life." In other words, God-realisation and sex-life do not and cannot go together. But if an individual wants to conquer all his emotional problems, lower vital problems, overnight, he will fail. He will only turn insane. So I tell my disciples to become wise. Slowly, steadily and unerringly they have to try to curb their lower vital needs.

I tell my disciples that they have to curb their lower vital life on the strength of their inner awakening. If we condemn something, then we will not be able to conquer it. If we hate someone, then that person will just come and strike us. We can only say that at a certain point sex is unnecessary in life. There are many things that are unnecessary. Right now a child eats mud, clay, sand, everything that he can find. But the same child, when he grows up, does not go near sand, mud and clay; he knows that it only makes him dirty and filthy. At that time he eats proper food. Similarly, when one becomes a seeker, he takes proper food; and this is his inner experience, his divine, fulfilling experience. But one has to go slowly and steadily. To the married people I say, "Be faithful to each other." If people are married, they should go on in their own way and slowly and steadily try to transcend the vital life. But if people are not married, then they must lead a totally celibate life. Otherwise, it is impossible for them to make progress. And this has to be not only on the physical plane, but also on the mental plane.