Question: On one's birthday, is it very difficult for the soul to come forward?

Sri Chinmoy: In life we always observe special dates. Otherwise, life is monotonous. Every day we eat, but the day we go to a restaurant and eat special food, we remember. Every day the soul is observing our body, vital, mind and heart. But on our birthday, the soul renews its promise to God, and the members of its family — the heart, mind, vital and body — also renew their promise to God. The soul has made conscious promises to God, and the members of its family have made unconscious promises. But there is only one promise that they all make: God-fulfilment — God-fulfilment in the body, in the vital, in the mind, in the heart and in the entire being.

For great seekers, every day the soul comes to the fore and helps them considerably. But if someone is not a conscious seeker, the soul does not try to come forward; it feels it is a hopeless case. If the doctor knows that somebody is practically dead, then what is the use of giving him an injection? But if he sees that there is still some life, then he will try. In the case of ordinary human beings, even on their birthdays the soul does not come forward because the individuals are not consciously aspiring.