Question: Since there is no earth-bound time in Heaven, how does the soul know on what day to incarnate so as to be in accord with astrology? Does the Supreme say, "Wait, you have to go down on such and such a day because of astrology?"

Sri Chinmoy: The Supreme does not deal with astrology at all. The soul is not going to think of the time and date it should come down, and who is going to watch. The soul is the boss. Whenever the boss wants to come down to the factory floor, he comes. Then the workers see whether it is three o'clock or five o'clock and what position the zodiac is in.

When taking incarnation, the soul never thinks of astrology — far from it! The soul will have an interview with the Supreme and then it is done. It is not like when you go to the bank, and others in the street will see that you have taken a cab and that you are looking at this person or that person. They will say, "Yes, he was there, he looked around, he went to that teller and so forth." The soul is not paying any attention to these things.