Question: On the birthdays of disciples, do you give a special gift on the inner plane which we are not aware of?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on how much connection the soul has made with me. All souls are connected with me, but some souls have made more direct contact, more powerful contact, more intimate contact, and then naturally they get more. Again, if some individuals are praying and meditating sincerely, then every day they get special blessings. The inner gift I am ready to give, but some souls are not closely connected with me, so that is the problem.

Sometimes I may observe the birthday three days later or four days later, but on the inner plane the soul comes to me on the proper birthday. If I am very closely connected with the person, the soul will definitely come and take blessings on the actual day. Again, the soul may come one or two days before or even earlier to observe it. As in the outer life I may observe the birthday three or four days or even one week later, in the soul’s world, because a special occasion is approaching, the soul may come one or two days earlier for special blessings. Definitely the soul gets special blessings. But then comes the question of how much the soul can receive. Somebody may get one cent’s worth of special blessings, while somebody else may get ten thousand dollars’ worth of special blessings. It entirely depends on the soul’s receptivity and closeness with my soul.