Question: If we know that our birthday is coming up soon, how can we best prepare ourselves so that on that particular day we become most receptive?

Sri Chinmoy: Each time a wrong thought comes, just nip it in the bud. Absolutely starve the doubting mind, the mind that tells you it is impossible for you to achieve something good for God, the mind that says, “Guru does not care for me; he will not do anything special for me on my birthday.” True, I may not give you a party, but if you have purity in your mind and if you have the constant willingness to please me, then if I do not give you a birthday gift or even look at you, then you will be equally happy.

The constant negation of wrong thoughts is most important. When positive thoughts come, feed them, feed them. “I want to be an excellent seeker” — feed that idea. But if wrong thoughts come, just starve them. By expanding your positive thoughts and destroying your negative thoughts, you will make the fastest progress. Each moment you are getting a thought, and that thought is ruling your life. If it is a bad thought, then that thought will ruin your inspiration, aspiration, everything. If it is a good thought, it will increase your aspiration and joy. Each moment try to observe what kind of thought is coming. If you see that it is a good thought, then increase and increase its beauty, purity and power. If it is a wrong thought, then do not wait for one second. Destroy it immediately.