Phul Phul Phul Amra Akash Phul

Phul phul phul
Amra akash phul
Heri moder kul
Phal phal phal
Samarpaner phal
Mayer charan tal
Bal bal bal
Pather susambal
Mukti sudha jal
Chal chal chal
Amra nirbhichal
Alor ashish dal


Flowers, flowers, flowers;
We are the flowers of the sky.
Our destination is within our ken.
Fruit, fruit, fruit;
We have become the fruit
Of our surrender-light.
Let us declare, let us declare, let us declare,
Our Mother’s Feet
Embody our journey’s Nectar-Goal.
Let us march on, let us march on,
Let us march on.
Dauntless are we, the hero-warriors
Of the Blessing-Light of the Supreme.