In the spiritual life there is no such thing as humiliation. Nobody can humiliate you. But if your own inferiority complex tortures you, that is humiliation. If there is no inferiority, then there is no humiliation. If there is a feeling of oneness, then there can be no humiliation.

If my legs feel that they belong to this body, the same body that my head belongs to, then how can my legs suffer humiliation? But if the legs maintain a sense of separativity, then naturally they may feel inferior to the head, because the brain is developed and can compel the legs to go wherever we want to go. But if the legs feel that it is they who carry the head and all the rest of the body, then the legs will not feel inferior.

Humiliation is only the result of our self-imposed standard. Nobody can humiliate us if we have a sense of oneness. When we separate one part of our existence from another, that is the beginning of our humiliation.