I have lost my mind's purity.
That means I have lost much.
I have lost my heart's faith.
That means I have lost more.
I have lost my love of God.
That means I have lost all,
I have lost everything.
I have lost God the powerful Creator.
I have lost God the beautiful creation.
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Do tell me how I can regain
my mind's purity,
My heart's faith and my love for You.

"My child, go and sing inside
your heart-garden.
You will regain your mind's purity.
My child, go and play with the blue-gold child
Inside your heart.
You will regain your heart's faith.
My child, go and meditate with the breath
Of your newly-acquired blue-gold child-friend.
You will regain your love for Me."

TAF 13. 15 November 1987