Question: To overcome imperfections in ourselves, should we feel that it is your responsibility to perfect us?

Sri Chinmoy: I don’t want tamasic surrender, the surrender of an idle person. You will try your utmost. Then you must feel, “I have tried my utmost with the capacity that You have given me, O Lord Supreme! Now I have nothing else save my surrender.” After trying your best, you have to surrender with absolutely full faith in the Master.

Always think of a child and his mother. Imperfection is nothing but a child in the playground playing in the mud, clay and filthy sand. That is imperfection. We say, “Look at that child wallowing in the pleasure of filth.” But the same child knows that there is an answer. He comes running straight to his mother without going to this side or that side. She will take some soap and water and a towel and clean her child. It is a matter of a few minutes. But if the child has to learn how to clean himself first before coming to the mother, then he will not be able to do it. The child knows what soap looks like, what a towel looks like and what water looks like, but he does not have the capacity to find all these things. But he knows that there is someone who is more than ready to clean him. He has implicit faith in his mother. He knows how much he loves his mother. He feels that his mother is doing this on the strength of their oneness. This very thing the mother will do gladly because she claims the child as her very own and he claims her as his very own.

So when you think of me, you have to feel that you are of me and for me, and I am of you and for you. Otherwise, if you want to aim at perfection individually, it will be like trying to straighten the tail of a dog. As long as you hold it, it is straight. But once you release it, again it becomes crooked. This is Vivekananda’s simile and it is absolutely true. Only when a spiritual Master offers real spiritual perfection does the tail remain straightened. Otherwise you will hold it straight for a while and then you will become tired. Then, when you release it, again it becomes crooked. Human nature is like this.

To the disciples I wish to say that you will reach God with your own aspiration, not with anybody else’s aspiration. Your aspiration plus my grace, my compassion, will take you to God. If you exploit my compassion, then you are finished. I am doing things the way the Supreme wants me to do them. Don’t misunderstand my compassion, don’t exploit my compassion and don’t be jealous of others. With men ego is the worst enemy. It is in no way better than women’s jealousy. So men have to get rid of ego and women have to get rid of jealousy.

I said at one time that I would like to have thirteen unconditionally surrendered disciples. No other Masters have gotten that kind of surrender, which is like delicious food. Let us see if any disciples have that kind of love for me so that they can say, “This incarnation let me give myself to you.” If you can be surrendered for five minutes, then try to be surrendered for fifty years. But unfortunately after five seconds condition comes in.

When I say to give up the ego, I mean give up the feeling of supremacy, the feeling that you have to be better than others. You should say, “If I have doubt, then let me conquer it; if I have fear, then let me conquer it. I want to transcend my ego.” Try to transcend your own undivine qualities; then the ego will immediately go away. Whom have you to excel? Only yourself.