Question: Does this mean that everybody will have to fight until the end of this year (1972), and then achieve perfection or destruction, or does it mean that people will be getting more and more perfect so that they won't be bothered by destruction?

Sri Chinmoy: On one day the disciples will be fighting hostile forces, and on the next day the forces of perfection will come forward. But gradually, those things meant for destruction will see that they are going to be destroyed. If we know that our enemy is stronger than we are, it is always better to wait to assimilate more power before fighting with him. We have to wait until we have enough strength to conquer him, otherwise, we will be defeated. Again, when the destructive forces come and act like enemies, they must not be allowed to touch our pure part. We have to threaten them, so that they cannot touch our aspiring heart. We have to be vigilant and then, little by little, consciously we can try to transform them. But if we consciously ignore them, we may think that we are safe because at a particular moment they are not bothering us. But when we relax, they can really attack us.