Question: Guru, could you talk about what kinds of forces enter the body, how they enter, where they come from and also how we can get rid of these forces?

Sri Chinmoy: Divine forces always come from above. Again, there is a divine force, the soul, that is already inside us. Either the divine force can come from above, from the Supreme, or it can come from within, from the inmost recesses of our heart, directly from the soul. There are also undivine forces that you have already accumulated inside your body. Again, these undivine forces are also in the atmosphere. Sometimes an undivine force can come from outside and attack you, and sometimes one that you have already housed within yourself may attack you. The undivine forces within you have to be brought to the fore through your aspiration.

It is like this. Because of your constant negligence and your lack of aspiration, some undivine forces have been attacking you, and you have surrendered to them. Now they are housed inside you. So you have to be vigilant at every moment. You must not allow anything undivine to come into your system, and you must fight to the end to throw out of your system anything undivine that is already there. The undivine forces are constantly attacking you, and the divine forces are constantly trying to save and illumine you.

You have to take the side of the divine forces all the time. Your friends are the divine forces, and your enemies are the undivine forces. If an enemy is inside your house, then you have to grab him and throw him out. And if he wants to enter your house, you will not allow him. If a friend is inside the house, you will ask him to stay, and if another friend wants to also come in, then of course you will let him in. You have to be very careful at every moment to make certain that the undivine forces will have no place within, without or around you. But you will keep the divine forces inside you, around you and everywhere because they are your real friends.