Question: Is spiritual responsibility based on ego?

Sri Chinmoy: No, spiritual responsibility is not based on ego. When the highest Power and the highest Light enter, then we have the responsibility to expand. This responsibility is not the responsibility to show the world what we are doing or what we stand for or how much we have to give to the world. It is not the responsibility of ego. The responsibility we feel is that we must have God-realisation. It is the responsibility of our constant awareness of the Truth, that the Truth has to be seen, felt, realised, revealed and manifested. This responsibility is not the ego's responsibility. It is the soul's responsibility. We feel it as our very own because the soul tells us constantly that God is ours and that we can reveal God, and eventually become God. In the spiritual life, the deep spiritual life, God-realisation is not a sign of ego. In the ordinary life we create responsibility to gratify ourselves and feed ourselves. That responsibility is based on ego. But spiritual responsibility is not based on ego. It is the soul's expansion, the body's expansion and the physical mind's expansion. It is the expansion of our divinity within us.