The brilliant inventor and the hair-raising book

A middle-aged man named Pradip went to a library in order to do research work. He was a brilliant scientist who designed rockets to go into outer space. In his spare time, Pradip was an inventor and had many patents for his novel creations. These included designs for a new type of most delicious ice cream to help people lose weight quickly, for a lady's sari that could automatically change colours and patterns every few minutes, and for a car that could become very, very tiny with only one passenger inside or grow to accommodate one hundred passengers.

Pradip had a new and thrilling idea. He wanted to make a flying bicycle. He was studying at the library for hours and hours, reading everything he could about bicycles, planes, motors and more. At one point, Pradip asked one of the librarians, "Can you please tell me where I can find books on the latest innovations in aeroplanes? I am trying to do something most significant, but I need a few technical tips."

The librarian replied, "Certainly, Sir. Let me go look for the latest books I can find."

In a few minutes, the librarian returned and gave Pradip a few books. She said, "Here are several new books that I hope will be useful to you." Then she pointed to one book and said, "This super-excellent book has just arrived. It will help you tremendously, and it is an absolutely hair-raising book."

The scientist happened to be wearing a hat. Upon hearing what the librarian said, he immediately took off his hat and said to her, "Look here. Madam. Can you not see that I have no hair? Now, please let me know how my hair will rise."