The girlfriend's trickery

A young man named Martin Barnes was in a terrible car accident, and he was taken to the hospital. His mother went immediately to see him and planned to stay with him day and night. Since the case was quite serious, the doctors said that only the patient's immediate family would be allowed in the room.

A young girl came to see the young man. She was not a relative, but she was the young man's girlfriend. She had just found out about her boyfriend's critical condition, and she was frantic. Once she reached the hospital lobby, the girl asked, "Could you please tell me what room Martin Barnes is in?"

The lady at the information desk replied, "Excuse me, but no one is allowed to see the patient other than his immediate family. Do you have any identification with you?"

The girlfriend answered, "Oh, no! I came here when I heard Martin was hurt. Unfortunately, I did not bring any identification. I must see him."

"I am so sorry," the lady said, "but I cannot help you."

The girlfriend thought and thought what to do. She decided to play a trick in order to see her boyfriend.

"Wait a moment," she said. "If I write a message to my brother, then I am certain Martin or his nurse

will allow me to enter."

"Fine, I shall have it sent to the room," answered

the information lady.

Then the girlfriend wrote on a sheet of paper: "I am Susan Barnes, the patient's sister. I would like to see my brother." By using her boyfriend's surname, she was certain that she would be allowed to see him.

The hospital staff delivered the girlfriend's message to the patient's room and handed it to Martin's mother. She said, "Here is my son, but I did not know that I have a daughter! How can this girl say that she is my daughter?"

The mother became extremely angry. On the same piece of paper, the mother wrote, "The day I have a daughter, I will definitely allow my daughter to come. Unfortunately, I do not have a daughter. I have only a son."

Martin's mother did not allow the girlfriend to see her boyfriend. Her trick very nicely backfired.