Your watch or your ring — but not your wife!

A husband and his wife went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. The couple ate pizza, eggplant parmigiana, Italian ice cream and more to their heart's content. They were very satisfied with the meal.

Then the husband wanted to pay their bill. He reached inside his back pocket for his wallet. Alas, he had left it at home! He said to the waiter, "Can you imagine, I forgot my wallet! I am going home right now to bring you the money. In the meantime, my wife will be here."

The waiter went to speak with his boss. After a lengthy discussion with the waiter, the owner came to the table where the husband and wife were sitting. He said very compassionately, "Sir, I can understand how you are feeling right now. I am very sorry, but I must decline your kind offer. After all, I am also a businessman. I need something more valuable than your wife. I must have either a ring or a wristwatch."

"What! How dare you insult my wife!" answered the furious husband. He made a fist with his hand and was about to hit the owner when his wife intervened.

"Please, dear, do not hurt this man! After all, his food is excellent!" pleaded the wife.

"All right! All right! But how can a ring or a wristwatch possibly be more valuable than my dearest wife?" the husband asked the owner. "Even just one week of her cooking is far more valuable than any ring or wristwatch you could ever buy!"

The wife was very pleased with her husband's flattering and fiery words.

"But, Sir, I already have a wife!" answered the owner. "I definitely do not need two wives! One wife is more than enough, especially if you know what my wife is like! But I do not have a wristwatch, and my wife can always use another ring. Honestly, I must have something much more valuable to me than your wife!"