The old man and the half-price ticket

An old man went to buy a ticket so he could watch a movie. “Please give me a half-price ticket,” requested the old man.

"Excuse me, but you are an old man," answered the cinema worker. "Do you not know by now that half-price tickets are only for children under 12 years old? You have to buy a full-price ticket."

"I am an old man, but I am telling you the right thing. You are an idiot of the first class!"

The old man and the ticket seller started arguing. "I will never sell you a half-price ticket!" shouted the ticket seller. "How can I possibly sell that to you? Now I am certain you are an idiot! How old are you anyway?"

"I just turned 87 last week! Now give me my half-price ticket or I will not leave your counter!"

The cinema worker replied, "Just who are you to disrupt our entire business? You are certainly acting like a baby, but, unfortunately, the rules are the rules. Do you expect me to break our rules just for you? Then I would be forced to sell every crazy old man a half-price ticket. I repeat: no, no, no and no!"

The old man answered, "You are totally useless! What kind of upstart do you think you are? Did you not learn any manners? Did you not learn to respect your elders? You do not realise that I cannot hear in my left ear. Since I can only hear in my right ear, why should I pay for a full-price ticket? I am paying only for a half-price ticket, since I will be using only one ear!"

The ticket seller was so surprised by the old man's answer that he immediately sold the old man a half-price ticket without saying another word.