Where am I pointing?

A teacher was asking his students many questions on geography.

"Jim, please tell me, what is the capital of Italy?"

"Mr Jeffries, I have no idea," answered Jim. "Does anyone know?"

No one answered. "All right," said the teacher. "I will give you a hint. It rhymes with 'home'."

"Rome! Rome!" chimed several students at once.

"Excellent! Now, Mary, what is the country where people eat the most?"

"United States?"

"No, Hungary, because they are always hungry!"

All the students laughed.

"Seriously now, can anyone tell me the world's smallest country?"

"Liechtenstein?" guessed one student.

"Sorry, no. But I am amazed you can even pronounce it. Would anyone else like to try?"

"The Vatican!"

"Right! Very good."

Then Mr Jeffries brought out a big map and at a particular place he put his finger. He asked one of the students, "Steve, kindly tell me the name of the place where I am pointing."

Unfortunately, Steve was not paying very much attention. He was looking here, there and everywhere — except at the teacher.

Mr Jeffries asked, "Can you not see where my finger is?"

Steve said, "Yes, I know! It is your index finger."

"I am pointing at something," the teacher continued.

"Yes, of course, you are pointing. But I can see it is your index finger that is pointing."

Exasperated, the teacher went on to the next student.