The teacher's puzzling questions

A teacher was asking different students in her class all kinds of interesting questions. The students were answering very well. She asked questions on many subjects: literature, history, current events and math. Most of the questions were like puzzles.

The teacher asked one girl who was very good at math, "If it takes a man twenty days to dig twenty holes, how long will it take the man to dig half a hole?"

The girl replied, "That is very easy! It will take half a day."

The teacher said, "I admire your mathematics, but not your logic. There is no such thing as half a hole! A hole is a hole."

To one excellent athlete, the teacher said, "Jimmy and Joey were playing checkers. They played seven games, and each won five games. How could this have happened?"

The student exclaimed, "I cannot figure it out! If I win five out of seven games, then how can my opponent do the same?"

The teacher answered, "That is the question."

"Wait, I have it! They were not playing each other."

"Right!" replied the teacher, and all the students started laughing and laughing.