Ami Jabo

Ami jabo ami jabo ami jabo hridaya pure
Agni sadhak bahni premik phutechi aj agun sure
Lobher bandhan moher shasan
Doinya jatan bhagna swapan
Abasheshe ek nimeshe ajanate bahu dure
Simar kole asim dule
Kanur benu jiban mule
Mahashiber pralay nachan nutan srijan jore ghure

[Note: Sri Chinmoy borrowed this tune from the Bengali
devotional song "Phire Chalo". The lyrics of this song were
written by Sourindra Mohan Mukhopadhyay and the melody
was composed by Raichand Baral. The song was featured
in the 1933 film "Chandidas" and made immortal by the
blind singer Krishna Chandra Dey]

Sri Chinmoy, One thousand lotus petals, part 2, Aum Publications, New York, 2000