Part V — Stories about Christian saints

TRN 24-33. These stories for children about the lives of some of the Christian saints were told by Sri Chinmoy in June 1981.

The Virgin Mary appears in a dream

There was once a little girl who came of a poor family. Her parents could not send her to school because they were so poor. As a result, this little girl could not read or write properly, but she had the earnest desire to learn how to read and write. Her parents were very spiritual and they taught her how to pray.

The little girl used to pray daily most soulfully and then she used to help her parents in their work. Late at night, when her parents were fast asleep, she used to get up secretly and try to teach herself to read and write. She wanted to read and write well so that she could be of real help to her family. She wanted to be able to work outside and bring money home to support her family.

One night, when the little girl was fast asleep, she had a dream. In the dream, the Virgin Mary came to her in a vivid form and said, "You do not have to learn how to read and write. You have to do only three things in your life in order to please God."

Already the young girl used to pray and meditate very soulfully every day. So the Virgin Mary told her, "The first thing is to keep your heart always pure. The second thing is not to criticise anybody, not to speak ill of anybody. The third thing is, when you think of your own troubles, think how much more Jesus suffered when he was on earth. His suffering will be much more than yours. So if you can do these three things, you will be very happy and God will be most pleased with you."

The girl obeyed the Virgin Mary. In the course of time, when she grew up, she joined a convent and became a nun. She did a splendid job, both for God and for humanity. Her name was Veronica. We call her Saint Veronica. She was born in a village near Milan, Italy.

Spiritual commentary:

Veronica always listened to her superiors. She was rightly convinced that to listen to one's superiors is to obey God. You, too, sweet children, should listen to your superiors, starting with your own parents. It is as good as obeying our Beloved Supreme.

The most important thing is the message that Veronica received from the Virgin Mary: you have to be pure of heart and not criticise others. When you think you have all kinds of troubles, remember what kind of suffering Jesus went through. And, when you listen to your parents, immediately think that you are listening to God. Immediately think that what they are saying is for your good and, if you can please them, then you are pleasing God.

My sweet, sweeter, sweetest children, I want you all to be like saints.