The Mother's chosen child

She was of poor parents and she was poor in health. Earthly poverty was her outer name. Heavenly prosperity was her inner name. One day her parents sent her and her younger sister together to collect firewood. She had an unexpected vision. A beautiful lady appeared before her. The lady was dressed in blue and white and she was holding a rosary in her right hand. She was full of compassion and love.

The lady blessingfully smiled at the older sister and made the sign of the cross. The girl at once fell on her knees, took out her own rosary and started praying. The beautiful lady told her that she had something special to do on earth, that she must pray every day devotedly for the sinners. Also the lady told her that she would suffer much on earth, but in Heaven she would rejoice.

When she grew up, the young girl became a nun. She was humility incarnate. Simplicity, sincerity and humility everybody appreciated in her.

The same lady, the Mother of Christ, appeared before her eighteen more times. One day her younger sister said to her, "Look, everybody appreciates and admires you because you are a chosen child of the Mother."

She replied, "How can I be proud? She has chosen me because I am the most ignorant of all."

One day the Mother appeared before her and said, "Dig in the mud." She did as she was asked and, lo and behold, water began to spring up. Over the years, many miracles have been performed when people use this holy water from Lourdes.

She is our Saint Bernadette.