The rock of the church

There was a fisherman who became a close disciple of the Christ. Before the Christ left for Heaven, he asked this disciple to be head of the church. The disciple preached the gospel and took special care of the Church.

At first he worked very hard in Jerusalem and other places. Then he became Bishop of Rome. At that time, Rome was a most undivine city. But the disciple's exemplary devotedness, along with the Lord's infinite Compassion, brought many lost souls to the Christ.

He was martyred for his faith. Since his departure from the earth-scene, there has always been a Bishop of Rome. This disciple is now known as the first Pope. The Pope is he who represents the Christ on earth. His successors are lovingly called the Holy Father by all.

He is our Saint Peter. It was Christ who gave him the name Peter, meaning 'rock'. The Christ told him, "It is upon this rock that I will build My Church."