A Swedish saint

This story is about a little girl who was born in Sweden. Her parents were holy people. At the age of seven, the little girl was sent to a convent for education. When she was fourteen years old, her parents married her to a young nobleman.

She always spoke to her husband about her love of God and about how desperately she needed to lead a spiritual life. Her husband said, "Let us lead together a brotherly and sisterly life." So this young couple lived a pure and pious life. Together they used to pray to God and they used to serve the people in their town.

Many of the girl's relatives did not approve of her spiritual life. They mocked at her and insulted her, but she was not at all disturbed. She consecrated her life totally to God's Will.

One day, quite unexpectedly, her husband died. Since the girl was quite young and beautiful, many men requested to marry her. She flatly refused. She said, "My husband and I loved God together. Now he is with Him. I shall pray every day for hours to please my God."

When the girl's mother died, she entered into a convent. Her simplicity, sincerity and purity fulfilled her God in her completely. She is our Saint Catherine.