The shepherd boy

There was a poor shepherd boy who lived in England. He loved nothing but games and his friends loved him dearly for his childlike nature. But one day one of his friends told him, "I am not going to waste so much time with you in playing. It is a waste of time. We have to value time."

The poor shepherd was so grateful to his friend for his wise advice. When he was fifteen years old, the Lord granted him a powerful and vivid vision of the Lord Himself. The boy then gave up everything and wanted to become a saint. He entered a monastery. Later, he became a hermit on a small island off the coast.

In the course of time, he was made a bishop and he went from village to village cheerfully, devotedly and unconditionally to spread the message of the Saviour.

Although by nature this priest wanted to live a life of seclusion, for that is what he loved most, his love of God and his service to mankind came first and foremost. So he gladly fulfilled his divine duty.

His name was Saint Cuthbert.