An unusual justice-light

An art-lover named Agnolo Doni commissioned Michelangelo to do a special painting of the Holy Family for his bride-to-be. The payment was to be seventy ducats. When Michelangelo completed the painting, he felt that it was a tremendous success and he sent it to Agnolo's house by messenger. Agnolo saw the painting and was greatly delighted. But all of a sudden, an unthinkable deception captured his mind. He gave the messenger forty ducats, instead of seventy, to give to Michelangelo.

When the messenger returned and gave Michelangelo the forty ducats, the artist became furious. He gave the money back to the messenger to return to Agnolo with a note: "I cannot put up with a despicable liar like you. I am demanding more money than was in our agreement, since you have not kept your promise. Therefore, you must give me thirty extra ducats."

This time the messenger came back from Agnolo with seventy ducats, which was the sum they had first agreed to. Michelangelo's anger reached its zenith. He said, "Agnolo, since you are not a man of principle, I shall have to deal with you in an unthinkable way. You must send me one hundred and forty ducats, double the amount on which we first agreed. For the liar, there is only one kind of medicine: an unusual justice-light."

Because Agnolo's wedding day was fast approaching and he needed the painting for his bride-to-be, he was compelled to give Michelangelo the full amount.