Fondness and oneness go together

Michelangelo was usually averse to leaving his name on his sculpture. But in the case of his beloved Pietà, he compelled the artist in him to leave his signature on the work. This is how it happened.

Once, a large number of strangers from Lombardy came to see his Pietà. They were all appreciation. In fact, they were wonderstruck. One of them wanted to know who the sculptor was. The immediate answer came from another in the gathering, "Who else could achieve this kind of miracle, if not our Gabo of Milan?"

Fortunately or unfortunately, Michelangelo happened to be on the scene. A most powerful sadness tortured his being and he cursed the ignorant world. So one night, when no human being was visible around his beloved Pietà he cheerfully and proudly carved his name on the work. He felt that his fondness for his immortal sculpture and his immortal oneness with it must needs go together.