Question: Can somebody lower your consciousness by touching you?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. If you are not in an aspiring mood, if you are in an ordinary consciousness, your consciousness will definitely be affected. But if you are alert, how can it lower your consciousness? Suppose you have meditated for an hour. If somebody touches you, your meditation-power will be infinitely stronger than the touch. Even if someone tempts you, “Come here, I have seen another tree. It is much more beautiful,” you will be able to remain stronger. So it depends on how much aspiration you are embodying at that particular moment. Suppose you are in a very spiritual mood, a peaceful mood, but not a dynamic mood. You are holding peace and light inside yourself, and for a moment, you are not alert. Another person is acting like a hungry wolf. When a hungry wolf attacks, naturally he will devour you. At that particular moment, if you are not powerful enough, the other person will take you to a very low plane of consciousness. It depends on how much divine power you are holding. If you are holding a very strong spiritual power, then nothing will be able to affect you.

Sometimes when you look at a particular person, all your inspiration disappears. At that time you have to create an extra supply of inspiration and aspiration. Immediately in silence chant, “Supreme, Supreme, Supreme.” Pray to the Supreme to save you and illumine the other person. And the next time you see that person, you will see that he won’t remain in that same undivine consciousness.