Question: What should we do when we meet people with wrong vibrations?

Sri Chinmoy: If you meet someone who is not on the spiritual path and who is constantly throwing negative vibrations around him, then you have to stay totally and wholeheartedly away from that person. You must not waste your precious time, precious energy, precious inspiration and precious aspiration on that particular person. He is God’s child and God will take care of him. Right now he is not ready for the spiritual life; he is unripe. Since he is not ready, you should not disturb him.

The unripe and unready souls will be awakened at God’s choice Hour. When they are awakened, and when they want help, then spiritual people can go and help them. But if a person indulges in negative thoughts and negative acts, and at the same time does not care for the spiritual life, then the spiritual person has to stay away from that person as much as possible. He can be of no help to the totally unaspiring person. At the same time, the unaspiring person can create problems and confusion for the spiritual person. So the spiritual aspirant should not try to enter into him with his limited knowledge and light. The seeker should remain peaceful in his way of life, and he should let the person who is not aspiring remain in his own way of life. This is the best thing a seeker can do.