29. Two Young Boys

FIRST BOY: “Guess what I drank this morning?”

SECOND BOY: “Beer? Whiskey?”

FIRST: “Stop!”

SECOND: “Then what? What did you drink?”

FIRST: “I drank buffalo’s milk. You can’t imagine how delicious it tastes. My mother says that buffalo’s milk is more nourishing than cow’s milk.”

SECOND: “Never! Your mother is a fool!”

FIRST: “My mother is a fool? You know that my mother is going to be the head of a school?”

SECOND: “Do you know why your mother says that the buffalo’s milk is more nourishing?”

FIRST: “I don’t know. Tell me why.”

SECOND: “She just looks like a buffalo.”

FIRST: “Stop! My mother may look like a buffalo, but your mother is a buffalo herself.”