43. Divorce Court

A husband and wife came to court to get a divorce. The wife said to the judge: “Sir, Your Honourable Sir, he always bothers me. He always calls me, ‘Monkey, Monkey, Monkey!’ And I loathe him for this. Am I a monkey?”

“Why do you call her ‘Monkey'? What right have you to call her ‘Monkey’ all the time? How dare you call her ‘Monkey'!

“Your Honour, pardon me, but would you please allow me to call any monkey my wife?”


Then the wife said: “Since, Your Honour, you have fulfilled his wish, will you also fulfil my wish?”

The judge said, “First of all, I have to hear it.”

“Your Honour, can I call a donkey my husband? If I see any donkey in the street, can I call him my husband?”

“Certainly you can.”