49. Wristwatch

“What is wrong with you, my dear friend?”

“Nothing special, I have just lost my most expensive wristwatch. I have searched for it everywhere, but now I am really sad. However, it seems to me that I have it in my left pocket.”

“Then, why don’t you get it? Why don’t you search for it?”

“Oh, I am afraid that if I don’t find it there, I will really die.”

“Then, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to look for it, to search for it in your pocket?”

“Yes. I would be most grateful to you, but only on one condition: that if you don’t find it in my pocket, you have to kill yourself as I would have done if I had not found the wristwatch there. Since you are a very good friend of mine, you have to kill yourself on my behalf.”