Question: Do you or your inner beings play jokes with us on the inner plane?

Sri Chinmoy: On the inner plane I don’t get much time to cut jokes with my disciples, for on the inner plane, my Boss, the Supreme, is much more strict with me than on the outer plane. But I do enjoy cutting jokes with my own inner beings, and even with my Beloved Supreme — innocent jokes, of course, not painful or destructive jokes.

If I see a particular god or goddess who is closely connected with a particular seeker, and if I see the inner beauty of that seeker is much less than the beauty of the god or goddess, then perhaps I will cut jokes with that particular god or goddess by saying, “You don’t take care of your devotees. How is it that you don’t make them as beautiful as you are?”

Then the god or goddess will immediately say to me, “Whose fault is it? You have a connection with both earth and Heaven. It is your duty to make everything clear to the seeker what will help him, what will increase his spirituality.”

I say, in my own justification, “I pray with them and meditate on them, and if they are receptive, then definitely they will get light from me, and they will always do the right thing to constantly increase their inner beauty.”