Courage versus humility11

Courage challenges the world. Humility illumines the world. Courage strongly urges us to stand up for our own rights. Humility soulfully inspires us to stand up for God’s rights alone.

Courage is not aggression. Aggression is man’s destruction-force. Humility is not humiliation. Humiliation is man’s rejection-force. Courage is man’s self-determination. Humility is man’s oneness-distribution. Self-determination eventually succeeds. Oneness-distribution constantly proceeds.

Courage is man’s conquering force. Humility is man’s unifying force. Courage feeds the divine human in us. Humility feeds the unifying and immortal divine in us.

The seeker in us uses courage to conquer the teeming doubts in the mental world. The seeker in us uses humility to constantly gain faith, to increase faith in God’s universal Oneness and Light.

Courage is the struggle, birthless and deathless, between man’s victory and defeat, between man’s joy and sorrow, between man’s smiles and tears, between man’s acceptance and rejection, between what man has and what man is. What man has is sound-satisfaction and what man is is silence-perfection.

Humility is man’s divine and supreme Glory-bird that flies from God’s Infinity-Dawn to God’s Eternity-Day and from God’s Eternity-Day to God’s Infinity-Dawn.

With courage we manifest God in our own way. With humility, God manifests Himself in and through us in His own Way.

UNM 21. 19 April 1977