A special meditation1

[To seekers below thirty years of age] Today we shall do a special type of meditation. We shall focus our attention on various places. When we concentrate on the top of our head, we shall imagine a conch. And when we focus our concentration inside the mind, inside the head, we shall imagine a beautiful rose. Then, when our concentration is inside the heart, we shall imagine a beautiful lotus. And when it is around the navel area or below the navel area, we shall imagine a few jasmine flowers.

A conch signifies divine victory. When we meditate on the top of our head, on the crown centre, then it will help us to blow the conch, to sound the divine victory. Then, when we meditate on the head proper, on the mind, the beauty and fragrance of the rose will help us to illumine our unlit human life. When we meditate inside the heart, the beauty and the fragrance of the lotus will help us identify ourselves with the soul. Then, when we meditate around the navel area, the jasmine flowers will help us purify our impure body-reality.

It will be safe and wise to start with the navel area. So for a few seconds please meditate on the navel area and imagine a jasmine flower and establish purity. The jasmine signifies purity. Then come to the heart centre and there imagine a lotus. Imagine a lotus and identify yourself with the soul. When you come to the head, kindly imagine a rose and then illumine your unlit human life. Then come to the top of the head and imagine a conch, the divine victory. Imagine that it is announcing the divine victory, your victory.

[To seekers over thirty years of age] Now let us do a different type of meditation. We shall focus our concentration first on the heart, then on the third eye, and then on the head. While concentrating inside the heart we shall imagine a boat, a golden boat. While concentrating on the third eye we shall imagine the sky. And while concentrating on the top of the head, on the crown centre we shall imagine the sun. The boat is your own Eternity's boat, the sky is your own Infinity's self-expansion and the sun is your own Immortality's new creation.

So let us start with the boat. We shall imagine the boat inside the heart. This boat will be our Eternity's boat, our own Eternity's boat which is sailing inside us. And then, when we meditate on the third eye, we shall imagine the sky and our own Infinity. Our own Infinity's expansion we shall observe. Then we shall meditate on the crown centre and imagine the sun, which is our own Immortality's new creation.

  1. UNM 25. 10 June 1977