Now is the only time5

I hear a still small voice in the depth of my heart.
It tells me that now is the only time for me
To become great in the outer world,
And that now is the only time for me
To become good in the inner world.
My greatness is from God the omnipotent Creator.
My goodness is from God the omnipresent Liberator.

Now is the only time to do God’s Will.
What is God’s Will?
God’s Will is that I should never try to earn anything from God.
I cannot earn anything from God.
Indeed, that is an impossible task.
Indeed, that is an absurd notion.
I can only cheerfully accept from God
What God unconditionally gives me.
Needless to say, God grants me at every moment
What He has and what He is.
But alas, where is my receptivity?
I know God has a special Will for me.
He always wants to take the initiative.
He wants me to follow Him.
He tells me that I am not going to lose my personal freedom.
On the contrary, I shall increase my freedom,
For His Freedom-Vision is carrying me to my destination
Which is flooded with Perfection-Delight.
In this connection, I have also discovered something very important.
There is a great difference between these two realisations:
I am one with God’s Will and God is one with my will.
I am one with God’s Will. What does it mean?
It means that I am swimming in the ocean of God’s Wisdom-Delight.
God is one with my will. What does it mean?
It means that God is more than willing to be with me in my ignorance-night
With His infinite Compassion-Light.
To know God’s Will, surrender is the real way.
Indeed, that is the road for me.
I can weather all the storms of my inner life and outer life
When my existence becomes unmistakably and unreservedly
A surrendered flower-heart.
God tells me. “True, you do not know Me, but your surrender-life knows.
True, you do not love Me, but your gratitude-heart loves.
Your surrender-life is my cosmic Vision-Seed.
Your gratitude-heart is my cosmic Reality-Fruit.

UNM 5. 1 February 1977