U Thant the task-giver

U Thant the task-giver asks two questions that can not only keep us on the alert constantly but also fulfil us eventually: “Every man or woman should not only ask himself or herself what he or she is going to do in the world, but also ask, ‘Will there be a world in which I can live?’ ”

Satisfaction of the individual is undoubtedly a most significant achievement. No doubt it is a form of perfection. But the individual has to ask himself whether, with this perfection, he can remain outside the world-boundary. The answer will always be in the negative. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the world in which we live also be perfect.

As we strive for our individual perfection, even so we shall strive for the collective perfection and the perfection of the world-body. Perfection has to loom large simultaneously in the individual soul, in the collective soul and in the world-soul. This is the only thing that we are supposed to accomplish here on earth and we shall, without fail, accomplish it.