U Thant the freedom-revolutionary

Revolution, inner and outer. The outer revolution quite often leads to destruction. The inner revolution is our constant cry for illumining progress, which is derived from the heart of freedom.

Freedom is humanity’s choice. Freedom is Divinity’s choice. With freedom, humanity ultimately grows into God the transcendental Vision. With freedom, Divinity ultimately grows into the universal Reality.

U Thant the freedom-revolutionary tells us: “The revolution brought by science and technology to the developed nations is a revolutionary extension of human freedom. Freedom is choice. Freedom is the ability to act…. ”

Science and technology help us walk along a particular road of freedom. Spirituality helps us walk along a different road of freedom. But before we walk along the freedom-road of science and technology, science and technology advise us to look around and grasp the secrets of the world’s beauty-reality. Before we walk along the freedom-road of spirituality, spirituality advises us to dive deep within and unveil the world’s soul-reality. If we abide by their wise advice, we please the science and technology world with our dedication-service and we satisfy the spirituality world with our aspiration-cry. Dedication-service leads us to the Reality that we are supposed to grow into. Aspiration-cry leads us to the Reality which we eternally are.