U Thant the exemplar of religious tolerance

With his cosmopolitan heart, the unparalleled seeker U Thant climbed up the aspiration-tree to a surprisingly lofty height. From there he illumined the votaries of the world-illumining religious faiths.

At the opening of the African Summit Conference in Cairo on 19 July 1964, U Thant the exemplar of religious tolerance said: “How are we to practise tolerance? What states of mind are necessary for all of us to live together in peace with one another as good neighbours? How are we to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security? The answers to these questions lie, it seems to me, in our ability to bring out the best in us and to return to the basic moral and ethical principles of all great religions. Let us, therefore, dedicate ourselves anew to a new pledge: to make Muslims better Muslims, Hindus better Hindus, Christians better Christians and Buddhists better Buddhists.”