U Thant the visionary

U Thant feels that as different religions live in the peace room, even so societies can live in the peace room. There is no hard and fast rule that societies cannot have the same inner growth and the same outer broadness as religions.

U Thant the visionary says: “…As Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and all other religions are existing peacefully in amity, I believe a day will come when these different societies — communist societies, capitalist societies, socialist societies, and any other type of societies — are going to exist peacefully. I believe in these things.”

Peace is within, peace is without. The core of society we touch with our inner peace. The body of society we touch with our outer peace. The inner peace unites the heart and the soul of the world. The outer peace unites the body and the mind of the world.

Spirituality has achieved considerable success in casting aside unfortunate and unlit conflicts with regard to religious beliefs that once upon a time dominated the human mind. Likewise, aspiration is going to achieve towering success in different societies. U Thant’s belief in these things is nothing short of his infallible vision.