83. From Mrs Aye Aye Myint-U, 15 January 1977

Dear Sri Chinmoy,

On behalf of my mother, Mrs Thant and my family may I take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to you for your kind sentiments and love for my father. Father had always cherished the time he spent with you for he found in you love and tranquillity. He shared with you the importance of morality and spirituality in this complex and troubled world, and he was always inspired by your humility and dedication for the enlightenment of innerself.

We are deeply proud to share father’s life, and are most fortunate to have received his unselfish love and care.

We pray and hope that your continued effort may bring forth the dreams of my father, peace, happiness and prosperity for all mankind.

With our esteem admiration and respect,

—- Aye Aye Myint-U