To Aye Aye Myint-U, 16 January 1977

Dear Aye Aye,

Your beloved Father and my beloved spiritual Brother, U Thant, will always triumphantly stand in the vanguard of humanity’s soulful success and fruitful progress.

I liked him. I admired him. I adored him. I loved him. I liked him because in him I saw a sea of simplicity, humility and purity. I admired him because I saw a wisdom-sun upon him constantly radiating its unhorizoned effulgence. I adored him because his heart’s Illumination lovingly covered the length and breadth of the entire world. I loved him because his life of self-giving to humanity’s cry and Divinity’s Smile made him the supremely perfect instrument of the Lord Buddha.

Your unparalleled oneness-heart with your Father’s vastness-heart and your Father’s soul-concern for you have touched the very depth of my heart. The human in us misses him badly. The divine in us tells us that he is with the Lord Buddha here on earth, there in Heaven, inside all human beings and all divine souls.

He is at once with the Creator’s ever-transcending Vision and ever-manifesting Reality.

As the Creator and the creation are inseparable, even so his unconditionally surrendered will to the Will of the Lord Buddha are eternally inseparable. Infinity’s greatness he has. Immortality’s goodness he is.

I wish to offer my most respectful salutation to your mother, my loving regards to your kind and good husband, Dr Myint-U, and my soulful love to your divinely sweet children.

I pray to the Lord Buddha to bless you and your whole family with His infinite Compassion-Light and His eternal Satisfaction-Delight.

Affectionately yours,

— Sri Chinmoy