What kind of man is this?

In his early days, Girish Chandra Ghosh lived an undivine life to the extreme. He did not care for spirituality at all, but he had a good heart. In the course of time, he became an eminent actor, playwright, poet and literary figure in his native Bengal.

Three times Girish failed to accept Sri Ramakrishna as his Master. The first time, he happened to go to the house of a friend of his. Sri Ramakrishna was invited that same day. Sri Ramakrishna sang most soulfully some spiritual songs and he also answered questions. On several occasions he entered into trance.

Evening descended and the owner of the house lit the lamps. Sri Ramakrishna asked those who were around him, "Is it evening? Is it evening?"

Girish thought to himself, "What kind of man is this? If it is not evening, will they set out lamps? Is this supposed to be the sign of a God-realised soul?"

He was quite disappointed. He did not see anything unusual in Sri Ramakrishna and he left the place.