A poor impression of Sri Ramakrishna

The second time Girish saw Sri Ramakrishna was at the house of another admirer. Girish was invited by his friend and he agreed to go. When he entered the room, he saw that Sri Ramakrishna was talking with a young girl and cutting jokes with her. Her name was Bidhu. She was sitting in front of Sri Ramakrishna. Then Sri Ramakrishna asked her to sing a few songs for him.

"How can a God-realised person cut jokes like this?" said Girish. Because his mind was filled with doubts, he could not decide whether or not he should approach Sri Ramakrishna. Then an old friend of his who was the founder of Amrita Bazar Patrika, Bengal's most famous popular newspaper in English, came up to him. The friend's name was Sisir Kumar Ghosh and he was quite well-known. Unfortunately, he also did not see anything in Sri Ramakrishna. He said to Girish, "Tell me, how can a spiritual man lead this kind of life? Let us go."

Girish replied, "Wait and see a little longer." But his friend was impatient. "No, no, do not waste your time," he said. So both of them left the house after ridiculing Sri Ramakrishna's behaviour. Sri Ramakrishna made a very poor impression on them.

That was Girish's second encounter with Sri Ramakrishna.