The Divine Father and the Divine Mother

Here we see that Father is the Face, Mother is the Smile. You need a face; otherwise, how will you smile? Again, if there is no smile in your face, then how are you going to make continuous progress, spiritual progress? They are like the obverse and reverse of the same coin. If you have one side of the coin, there has to be another side, or there is no coin at all. The Mother aspect with all Love and Compassion is trying to bring the child closer to the Supreme. And the Father aspect is also trying with all Wisdom and Light. But these are all complementary. Wisdom, Light, Compassion and Love: they always go together.

The Living Force or the Creativity of the Supreme is His Smile. Without this Smile, which is the very breath of the universal Consciousness as well as the Breath of the Supreme Himself, the creation remains unmanifested. In the very Smile of the Supreme is the birth of creation.

The Supreme is both masculine and feminine. It is very difficult to comprehend this with our human mind, for He is also beyond masculinity and feminity. In His masculine form the Supreme is static and He always remains beyond manifestation. When the Supreme is unmanifested He is just a Face. But if He wants to manifest Himself, then He has to smile. He is alive, He is functioning, He is active, but this we can know only when we see a Smile dawn on His Face.

When He comes into manifestation, it is through His feminine form. This feminine form in our Indian philosophy is called Prakriti, the Nature-Force or the Mother aspect of the Supreme. When the Nature-Force operates in the physical world, we see activity in the Being of the Supreme. And when Nature’s activity takes place, we see spontaneous Joy throughout the Supreme’s manifested form. This Joy expresses itself most effectively as a Smile on the Face of the Supreme.