Man and woman

God is both masculine and feminine. He is expressing Himself as female through nature, as Prakriti. He is fulfilling Himself as male through Purusha, the Unmanifest. We see God around us in His universal Form. If we go deep within, we see that this is His female aspect. If we go up to the Highest, the Absolute Infinite, there we see God as male. But we have to know that the universal aspect is in no way inferior to the transcendental aspect; both are of equal importance. God is enjoying Himself in His creation in the masculine and the feminine form. Both are absolutely necessary to fulfil the cosmic play.

In the case of man and woman, husband and wife, the male has to play the part of wisdom and inner peace and the female has to play the part of dedication and love. That does not mean that man will not have any love and dedication. No! But, in his case, these two divine qualities of wisdom and peace come first and then come love and dedication. Love and dedication are in no way inferior to wisdom and peace; they have to go together, they have to be combined. If he is sincere enough, man must feel that his entire success depends on woman’s conscious or unconscious inspiration, on her divine inner urge. If woman’s inspiration is conscious, then man’s success becomes quicker. But ‘female’ does not necessarily mean woman; ‘female’ is the feminine aspect of the Supreme. So man’s inspiration may not come from his wife. The female aspect of the cosmic enters into the male in the form of inspiration and makes him successful. If he is not successful in fulfilling the Divine or in realising the Divine, then he is no better than an animal. So his entire success depends upon the female. Similarly, woman has no existence without the masculine aspect of God; her life has no necessity or meaning. One complements the other like a complementary soul. Both are of paramount importance.