Belief in God

Some people say they don’t believe in the existence of God, the Supreme. But I wish to say that someone may not believe in God as infinite Consciousness or infinite Power, but he has to have some belief and some conviction of his own; and this is the same as believing in God. If a seeker is against the concept of God, if he is afraid or if he is doubtful, let him follow his own path. Let us take away the word ‘God’ from his dictionary. Let him have the feeling that there is no God. Let him go as far as possible in negating God. At the end of his negation, there he will see that positive Truth emerges. At the end of his journey Truth looms large and he can take this Truth as infinite Consciousness or boundless Energy.

God cannot be understood by any conception of the mind. If you go with your mind as far as you can, there will come a time when the mind becomes helpless. Then you will discover that you have to go deep within to find God. At that time God will come. Let us say that you are a teacher. If you show one of your children a particular city on the map called London, he may not believe it exists. You can even show him pictures of it and tell him it is in England, far away across the sea, but still he may not believe you. He has to take a plane to London and then he will believe that it does exist. Similarly, when a seeker comes to a spiritual person, he may come with doubt. At the very beginning, just like the young student, he may doubt the existence of God. But if someone has doubt or is afraid to enter into the spiritual life, I tell him not to worry; meditation is the answer. I will show him how to enter into meditation so that he may come and find God with me. Just as the child has to travel to London in person before satisfying himself as to its existence, so a spiritual seeker has to meditate either with a teacher or on his own. Even spiritual books do not prove the existence of God. For the seeker, meditation is of primary importance; meditation is the only answer. Meditation will not fail him. Let him approach his true self and then see if he still believes that there is no God.