The soundless Sound

Before God created the Universe, He created Himself. God exists because of His creation; He created Himself. While creating Himself, He felt the necessity of creating two most intimate friends. He wanted them to go hand in hand with His own creation. His two most intimate friends were Nad and Ananda. Nad is Sound, the Cosmic Sound, the Soundless Sound. God created this sound, and He requested this intimate friend to stay within His Heart. Here in this world when you strike one thing against another, it produces a sound. But this particular sound, which is in the inmost recesses of our heart, needs no outer object or subject to produce it. Automatically, spontaneously, this sound is produced. That is why in Sanskrit it is also called anahata. Ahata means “struck” and anahata means “unstruck.” Then, along with this sound, God created another friend, Ananda or “Delight.” He asked Delight to be always around Him and within Him.