God for a child

We know that God is everything: God is inside everything and God is beyond everything. This is our philosophical understanding and our psychic understanding. But I wish to speak about God from a child’s pure, innocent and soulful point of view, according to the child’s understanding.

What is God? God is Concern. A mother will try to show her concern for her child day in and day out. But out of twenty-four hours his mother can consciously offer him only two or three hours of concern, in spite of her best intentions. She wants to show him all her affection all the time; but we know that during the day she has to study, do her own meditation and do quite a few other things apart from taking care of him, even though he is her dearest child. When he is sick, perhaps she will offer her concern for fifteen or sixteen or even twenty four hours. But ordinarily she can give him only a few hours of concern. In God’s case, it is different. He constantly gives us His inner and outer Concern.

We stay on earth for fifty, sixty, seventy or even one hundred years, but this is not our real span of life. Our real life is endless. We came from the beginningless past and we shall enter into the endless future. We have had previous incarnations and we will have many future incarnations. In our past incarnations we had different parents. In this incarnation we get concern from our mother and father, in our previous incarnation we got it from other parents and in the future also we will receive concern from different parents. But we received God’s Concern from the very beginning. Now also he has the same kind of Concern for us and forever it will remain the same.

You have a body, you have a mind, you have a heart and you have a soul. When God created you, He created your soul first. The moment He created your soul, His Concern started. This Concern was not only for a minute, for an hour, for a year, for ten years or for twenty years, but forever, for Eternity. God is constant and eternal Concern. The moment He created Himself, Concern was there; and the moment He created your soul, Concern was there. So this is what we mean when we say that God is Concern.

Now where does this Concern come from? Everything has a source and the source of concern is oneness. When my finger is hurt or bleeding, immediately I am concerned for my finger. Why? Because I am one with my finger. When something is wrong with your mother, you show her your concern because of your oneness with her. Right now, there are many people who are suffering and dying in the hospital, but even if you knew them, you might not offer them your concern. Why? Because you are not completely identified with them and you don’t feel your oneness with them. But you do feel your oneness with your mother and your mother feels her oneness with you. So we see that the source of concern is oneness. It is to the near and dear ones, those who we feel are part and parcel of our life, that we offer our concern. God is the all-pervading One, who is everywhere and His Concern comes from His all-pervading oneness. Since He is everywhere, he has to have oneness with everything. When He has oneness, He has to offer something; and that something is His Concern.