God’s Goodness versus God’s Justice

Some people feel that God’s Justice is more prominent than His Goodness. But I wish to say that the greater attribute of God is Goodness, not Justice; and this Goodness is His real inner Wisdom. God knows what to do and when to do it, or what role He should play at each stage of our evolving consciousness.

Our soul’s journey proceeded from the mineral kingdom to the plant kingdom and then we entered into the animal kingdom. Now we are human beings; however, we are little better than animals. We have to know that animals are inside God’s very Heart; destructive forces are also inside Him. The human forces and the divine forces are also there. What is happening? The destructive forces are not being punished or destroyed; gradually, gradually they are being transformed into divine forces. If we look at the animal kingdom, we see it is all quarrelling and fighting. We human beings are not fighting so badly, so we are already transformed to some extent.

Again, in God’s creation there is still evil. But what we call evil is in this case something unaspiring. What a spiritual aspirant calls bad may be relatively good compared to what an unaspiring person calls bad. What we call error is a half-truth, a harbinger of truth. Always we have to see it that way. A child is imperfect and he does many things wrong. With our ordinary human understanding, with our justice-power, we may say that he is the devil incarnate. But this child, when he is fifteen or sixteen years old, will continue to develop. He will become nice, sweet, meritorious and wise. So we have to remember that the child is still growing up.

If we separate ourselves from God or say that all His activity is based on Justice, then we will be making a mistake. If He were to act only according to His Justice, then nobody would be able to stay on earth, nobody would or could exist if God stands in front of us and weighs how many good things we have done against how many bad things we have done, then we will see that there will be infinitely more bad things than good things. Nobody would be able to realise God. So what is God actually doing? He is dealing with His Compassion and inside His Compassion is His Wisdom-Light. He is showing Compassion to someone who is now in the process of evolving because He knows that the person will grow spiritually and will eventually do the right thing, the divine thing. Inside His Compassion, Wisdom-Light is operating. Gradually, gradually He will be able to take the person to His infinite Light. If He started with Justice, immediately he would stand before us with an iron rod and strike us. But that He would never do. He gives us only Compassion.

So if you ask, “What is God?” then I will say that God is all Love. And inside this Love, if you see Justice, you have to know what kind of Justice it is. If a child is only a few months old, then his mother will give him milk or some other liquid. She will not give him a big piece of meat or something very solid and heavy because he will not be able to digest it. Even though these solid foods may be more delicious and may give the child more pleasure, the mother cannot feed them to her child because he is too young. As the child grows, gradually the mother can give him these things.

When we see that someone is not getting enough Peace, Light or Bliss, we have to feel that God is giving to him according to the capacity of his receptivity. God is always doing justice to the inferior one, to the one who is still in a preliminary stage. But at the same time He is all Love for that person. God does not want his inner vessel to burst untimely. So if you ask, “Why is God not playing His Game justly? Why is He giving so much Peace and Power to one person and not to another?” the answer is that one person is not ready. Whatever God is giving to each person is a sign of His Love. He will say, “You are My infant, My child, and I can give you this much. This is what is required.” If God gives him more than that He may ruin the inner progress of that individual. But the one who is given more has the capacity to receive it, to embody it and to fulfil it.

So the most important attribute of God is Love. And when it takes an intimate form, it is called Compassion. This Compassion is the most powerful attribute, the most significant attribute of God, and not His Justice. Justice and all other divine qualities will be found inside Compassion.

Sri Chinmoy, The Vision of God's Dawn.First published by Agni Press in 1974.

This is the 201st book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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