Does God get angry?

Does God ever become angry with us? No, God does not become angry with us. When our vital makes mistakes, it makes us feel that naturally God is displeased with us. If your son does something wrong, then your immediate reaction is to get angry with him. So we see God through our own eyes. We feel that God also acts as we do. But God does not use anger-power. He uses two other powers instead. One is called Compassion, the other is called Justice. Occasionally He uses His Justice-Power, but ninety-nine times out of one hundred He uses His Compassion-Power. Even if we keep doing the same thing wrong. He forgives us and shows His Compassion.

There comes a time when God feels that His Compassion-Power is not working. At that time He uses His Justice-Power. But this Justice-Power is not like animal anger-power that wants to destroy us. No! God is only offering His Determination and divine Will-Power to us when we have done something wrong. He energises us, inspires us. But very often when we see God’s adamantine Will-Power, which is very strong, our guilty consciousness makes us think that God is angry with us. But at that time God is expressing His Compassion in the form of tremendous Will-Power so that we won’t repeat the same mistake.